Firefighter 360 Augmented Reality Game–It’s Hot!

firefighter 360

Firefighter 360 is a cool (or should that be sizzling?) augmented reality game for the iPhone 3GS. The goal is simple: You need to douse the blazes that just happen to be appearing on whatever street you are standing on (as viewed through the iPhone’s camera).

The 360 in the game’s name is a clue that you need to check behind you to make sure you’re not being consumed by flames while saving the mauve-clad little old ladies in front of you.

There are plenty of other augmented reality games on the market, but this one–developed by Presselite, the guys behind Bionic Eye–comes closest to the vision of virtual reality worlds we saw in HP’s 2007 concept commercial.

So, if you see anyone on the street studying their iPhone intently and turning round intermittently, they’re probably playing Firefighter 360.