Freedom Leg Makes Crutches a Thing of the Past

Freedom Leg

After the pain, the worst part of breaking a leg or ankle is the helplessness of having to hobble around on crutches. But what if you could trade in crutches for your very own prosthetic leg–without cutting off a real one? That’s what FWD Mobility’s Freedom Leg, an “off-loading prosthetic,” allows users to do.

The Freedom Leg, designed from ultra lightweight composite materials, weighs just 2.6 pounds. (It’s only slightly less cool than these casts.) The device straps to the thigh, and users simply walk normally to transfer the weight of everything from the knee down to the uninjured upper leg. The advantage of the Leg over crutches is twofold: it allows users to use both hands, and it keeps the upper leg muscles from withering.

FWD Mobility’s Freedom Leg isn’t yet available, but it is expected to cost $350 when it is released. A hefty sum, but isn’t it worth it to have the freedom of mobility?

[Via Wired]AS