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Plot Jewelry Is Neckwear for Data Fiends

plot jewelry

A couple of employees of ad agency W+K have come up with one of the kookier ideas in recent memory: data-driven jewelry. After scores of meetings, planner Lisa Prince noticed that data was being packaged up in ever increasingly-beautiful ways. So she teamed up with fellow W+K employee, art director Nicholla Long, to create Plot jewelry, described as "a brand that takes interesting data and transforms it into wearable art."

plot jewelryYou can choose from gold, silver and lead (made from pencil lead, which is actually made from graphite, so you can call me a pedantic so-and-so, see if I care) necklaces, each of which show the prices of all these commodities over the past few years.

There are also a couple of double-data pieces: gold and oil; and silver and oil. Prices range from £94 ($158) to £240 (402). What I'd be interested in, however, is a necklace that plots the state of one's relationship—although I'm not too sure what commodity they'd do that one in. Dandruff? Toenail clippings? Hair, perhaps.

[This is Plot Shop Via AllThingsD]