Best of TreeHugger: High Flying Wind Turbines, the Huge Spike in E-Waste, and the Ugliest Hybrid of them All

America has spoken. The ugliest car of the past 50 years is . . . 

jet stream wind power photo

These 5 promising, high flying wind projects seek to tap into the jet stream. A hypermiling plane got better gas mileage than most cars do. And the design for this new ‘flapping’ wind turbine was inspired in bumble bee wings

NASA found a better used for two unmanned warplanes that were just lying around the ol’ hangar–they turned them into environmental scouts.

The switch to digital TVs caused a 70% rise in e-waste.

Much was made of the news that Warren Buffet bought $44 billion worth of railroad–but was he tacitly betting on big coal by doing so?

china disneyland farmers photo

The Chinese Disneyland was finally approved to begin construction in Shanghai–but it’s going to displace 5,000 impoverished farmers in the process.

Want to know how to get killed on a bike? These illustrated statistics show the most deadly maneuvers that cars can make to imperil bicyclists.  

What’s more important: fighting crime or tackling climate change? This poll yields some surprising results.

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