ICSID World Design Congress Singapore 2009

For its 50th anniversary, the International Council of Societies of
Industrial Design is going cross-disciplinary, inviting experts in
fields as varied as architecture, technology, and global energy to
delve into areas that you might not imagine to be typical design
fodder, including entertainment, health, and transportation. They’ve
been prepping for the meet by redesigning the way we think
in all these fields. So, for instance, MIT Media Lab professor Bill
Mitchell is heading up the “studio” on electric vehicles, “Reinventing
the Automobile 2050.” Drawing ideas from team members in various
industries, they’ve come up with the stylish two-seater CityCar, a
collapsible, stackable car designed to be deployed much like cycles in
a bike-sharing program. Which is great, except that we hope we don’t
really have to wait until 2050. — ACL

mon, november 23

ICSID World Design Congress Singapore 2009

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