APEC Singapore 2009

“Four adjectives in search of a noun.” That’s how
former Australian foreign minister Gareth Evans once described
Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation, the loose association of 21
countries around the Pacific Rim. Glancing at the agenda for this
year’s summit — where Barack Obama will make his APEC debut — it’s
easy to see why: There’s a leaders’ meeting (to set “the strategic
direction of APEC”), an unveiling ceremony for a Berlin Wall
installation (“to commemorate the founding of APEC,” which also
happened in 1989, though nowhere near the Berlin Wall), and a 20th
anniversary symposium (“to reflect on the founding of APEC”). We’d pat
APEC on the back for setting this up, but we’re pretty sure they’ve got
that covered. — DM

sat, november 14

APEC Singapore 2009

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