iPhone-Loving Verizon Drops Another Lump of Coal Into AT&T’s Stocking

Island of Misfit Toys

As the rumors about Verizon getting the iPhone continue to swirl around Cellville, here’s another little nugget of conjecture for us all to bask in.

Behold the latest holiday ad for Verizon. The creatives have taken us to the Island of Misfit Toys, a place with nothing but grubby dolls, wonky cowboys and, for want of a better word, crap. And look! What’s that joining the acrylic elephant with the measles? Why, it’s the iPhone. All the little second-rate toys can’t believe their little button eyes. iPhone is too good to be on Toy Leprosy Island, what the hell is it doing here? Then the poor little iPhone displays its network for all the sad little toys to see. AT&T. Suddenly they understand. He’s as dysfunctional as they are, so he’ll fit in nicely.

Verizon is playing its own version of Good Cop, Bad Cop with AT&T and Apple. Nice Po-lice is almost feeling the iPhone’s pain, while its naughty counterpart is administering such a beating to its (currently) sole carrier that one can’t help feeling sorry for AT&T. Only a bit, though.

There are three commercials in Verizon’s holiday campaign, but one can’t help wondering that if the carrier continues to put the boot in, its campaign will backfire. After all, no one likes a smug bastard, do they?