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Robert Keane had one year to plot out his business. He went to INSEAD business school in France with the idea of an opportunity. Over the course of his one-year MBA program, during a class on new ventures, he had a chance to lay out how he would seize it.

His business plan grew into Vistaprint, the world’s leading provider of printing services to small businesses around the globe. What started a "job" without pay when Robert graduated from INSEAD in 1994, now, as of 2009, generates over $500 million in revenue, produces 60% gross margins, and is transforming how small businesses around the world market themselves.

Whether Vistaprint will continue disrupting its competition and fulfill its goal of "building one of the truly revolutionary and sustainable business institutions that emerge each decade, but of which there are only a handful," is still uncertain. However, it is trying to be to printing what Ikea is to furniture or Southwest is to airline travel.  But to understand how this company has so swiftly carved out a space for itself in an old industry dominated by behemoths gives us valuable insights in how outthinkers disrupt their competition.

On Thursday, November 12, 2009, at 11am EST (9am PST), I will be holding a free webinar dissecting the success of Vistaprint. This international printing company has matured from 30 employees to more than 1,700 within nine years, and it continues to post incredible profit margins. Click here to register for the webinar, and by attending, learn the fundamental strategies that the Vistaprint management employed to grow so quickly and profitably.