Video: Litl Webook Looks Intriguing, but I’m Still Confused [NetBooks]


In case you missed it, the Litl Webbook is a unique “cloud-based netbook” with only 2GB of local storage, a presumably Linux-based custom OS, and a 12-inch display that bends over into “easel mode.” Here’s what it looks like action:

This video from CrunchGear shows that the operating system is all about simplicity. From the cloud-based storage and OS updates, to the “Web Card” home screen tiles used to represent Web sites. On that screen, there’s no menus, no folders, no resizable windows–just Web sites and a search box at the top.

Sounds like a great first laptop for kids until you see the $700 price tag. Litl points out it offers extras like a one year service plan, maintenance free OS, photo-centric features, a money back guarantee, HDMI output, and that unique screen. But I still don’t know. What do you think? [Litl and CrunchGear]