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Top 5: Green Gadgets

How is fashion infused with history and updated with green tech? Or, how can a watch save you from air pollution? We have scoured the web to find where tech and sustainability meet to make fun, interesting and sustainable gadgets. Gadgets, in and of themselves, are an eco-hazard with dangerous chemical compounds, but Sprint has thought about a solution to that too. Here are the innovative new gadgets that are leading the way to a more sustainable future: 1. Montre Verte "The Green Watch" Developed to monitor the pollution levels in Paris, the Montre Verte is a watch that allows Parisians to measure and report the air quality. The watch is connected wirelessly to a users mobile phone where it sends the pollution levels to the open platform, Citypulse. Others can then view the pollution levels around Paris based on time and location. One of the really neat features of the Montre Verte is its qualitative analysis. The watch has an eye that turns red with the level of air pollution. Therefore, the use can "go to higher ground" to avoid harmful pollutants. 2. KILLA Vintage series #1 Blend fashion, technology and history and you’ll have KILLA Vintage series #1 messenger bag. The genuine German WWII-issue bags have been updated with touch-pad controls that can communicate with your iPod via Bluetooth. What makes this an eco-gadget? Not only does the historical base bag have Bluetooth capabilities, it also has installed two solar panels. Because of the scarcity of authentic WWII German base bags, the producer, ARCHitect is selling only 20 a year. 3. Apple Tablet The Apple Tablet will have a lot of fun and exciting new features, but we’re focused on how it will redefine print. According to Wired, two people related to the New York Times have paid a visit to Steve Jobs. Brian Lam at Gizmodo has heard word that Apple is talking with McGraw Hill and Oberlin Press about moving textbooks to iTunes, something Apple has been working on doing with "several major publishing houses across several media," reports Treehugger. Can Apple save the print industry and go green? 4. Kill A Watt Often times, if we don’t see it, it doesn’t exist. Kill A Watt aims to change this with their energy monitoring device. Kill A Watt plugs into your outlet and acts as an energy filter. This is a...


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