Layar Augmented Reality App Hits 200th Data Layer

We’ve been following the development of Layar, the cross-platform smartphone augmented reality app– because it just might be a model for the future of AR. Its utility has been zooming, and it just hit its 200th AR geotagged data layer.


The 200th layer is a system that helps users find the real-time availability of public rental bicycles that are part of the Le Vélo STAR system in Rennes, France. The add-in to Layar, developed by In Cité Solution, gives you the location of the nearest bike parking spot, and handily tells you how many bikes are available at the moment.

Neat and eco-friendly, it’s a near-perfect demonstration of the power of AR apps to improve day-to-day life. In Cité has plans to develop their Layar apps further by adding social networking powers for Rennes. They may also expand the service for bike, bus, and metro systems in other cities, and will release part of their solution as open-source so other developers can build similar apps for their own locations.

[Via Layar]KE