30 Design Minds on Their Favorite Designs and How Design Should Evolve

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Maybe you don’t work at a big, high-powered graphic design house like Little & Company, but you can still benefit from their largesse. The firm traveled the world, amassing video interviews with some of the best design minds alive, including typographer Erik Spiekermann, design-curator and FC blogger Ellen Lupton, graphic designer Massimo Vignelli, and illustrator/graphic designer/Pentragram partner Paula Scher. There’s even a missive from our own Linda Tischler.

Little & Co asked those luminaries two questions: “What single example of design inspires you most?” and “What problem should design solve next?” It’s great fodder for thought and inspiration–and there’s a couple heretical nuggets in there as well. For example, idsgn points to Edwin Chan, of Frank Gehry Partners, who had this to say about the current boom in “green design”:

As designers today, we should address the problem of how to reconcile
our own survival on the planet with the quality of life we’ve been
accustomed to. Nowadays there are a lot of talk or rhetoric out there
about ‘green design’ or being ecologically conscious. Frankly speaking,
I think that’s a lot of bullshit. In fact, it’s a little bit of a fad.
There’s always been talk about [designing] energy conscious since the
’60s, and to me the current trend is just a rehash of what’s been good
design all along.

Meh. I think the emphasis on measurable building performance and carbon footprint is pretty important, but hey.


So far, ten of the interviews are live; two more batches are due on 11/10 and 11/20–including Paul Sahre, a graphic-design genius; Chip Kidd, the famed book-cover designer; and two of our own expert bloggers, Joe Duffy and Debbie Millman. Bookmark now.

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