Weezer Snuggie: Greatest Rock ‘N’ Roll Marketing Since the ELO Hockey Puck


Let’s face it, your Magic the Gathering “wooby” is full of holes and smell’s like last year’s Cool Ranch Doritos. Time to bundle up with your laptop, a sweet Bluetooth headset, some good internationally scattered first-person shooter “friends,” and, of course, the Weezer Snuggie.

Part innovation, part branding–and mostly way of diverting attention from the band’s lackluster seventh studio album, “Raditude”–this branded blanket with arms is in no way more useful than the plain old Snuggie. And, frankly, it’s not nearly as groundbreaking as the Bruce Springsteen “Born to Run” key ring with miniature pewter sneakers. But it’s a fun take on rock ‘n’ roll marketing, nonetheless and a toasty answer to the ironic T-shirt. For $30, the blue Weezer Snuggie–$50 for the “Snuggie Safari–comes with a copy of “Raditude.” This thing is sure to go viral on SnugSpace.

Look for the pieces on ratty band rehearsal space couches in Silver Lake, Williamsburg, the Lower East Side, Portland, and Seattle soon.