Best of TreeHugger: Rent-a-Goat, Freezing Dying Coral for the Future, and the Promising New Zinc-Air Battery


Fearing the worst, scientists made plans to freeze samples of the world’s coral reefs to preserve them for the future.

dying coral

A Florida biotech company is developing a new material inspired by sharkskin to halt bacterial breakouts.

Toyota created a brand new species of flower to help absorb emissions at Prius manufacturing plants.

Fruit bats were discovered to be the only adult animal species to engage in a certain sexual activity . . .

A strange business venture has been getting attention–as anything called Rent-a-Goat is apt to.

The SuperFreakonomics controversy came to the Daily Show.

An unfortunate, ironic collision occurred in Denmark between a Tesla, a Prius, and an SUV. Guess who came out on top?

toxic shipwreck madagascar photo

A toxic shipwreck in Madagascar is killing whales and making people sick.

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