• 11.02.09

Wanted: Bold And Courageous Business Leaders

Are we in economic recovery or just in another phase of the recession? As economists bicker about the facts as they see them, what can we do that will make a difference? This article asks some compelling questions that every business leader should be asking today, the answers pointing to what we can do as individuals to control our economic destiny.

We are standing on a precipice, teetering between growth and decline.


Are the initial signs of recovery the fore tidings of a full economic expansion, or are they rather, as many economists think, the small upswing in the center of a “W” as opposed to the unbridled growth of a “V”?

Certainly, there are conditions that for most of us who are not senior officers of large financial institutions and government agencies; or those who have the misfortune to be influential government leaders can control. But it has always been the case that policies come and go, and regardless of which political party is calling the shots, as business leaders we choose where our attention goes, where we allocate resources, and our commitments.

So in this context, the pertinent questions are:


Are you focusing on finding ways to move your organization forward, creating new pathways for success and discerning new opportunities for growth, or are you hunkered down waiting to see if you will survive this downturn?

Are you actively working to recruit the best leaders, providing your people access to resources that will make a difference in their own growth and development while positively impacting the business, or are you waiting to see which way the wind is blowing?  

Where is your attention? Where are you allocating your resources? What actions are you taking that will make a difference?


I believe that our future depends on the answers to these questions. This is the Want Ad I believe needs to be posted on the internet and in the newspapers:



Wanted: Bold and Courageous Business Leaders

Experience: Proven track record of success in forwarding new initiatives and ideas, taking calculated risks, recruiting top leaders and focusing personal and organizational resources on the development of people.

Personal Values: Intestinal fortitude, straight talk, humor, willing to think big and act bigger.

To apply, I suggest you start looking within your own organization.