Android 2.1 Already Lurking Around the Web

While the smartphone world is just coming down from its Android 2.0 high, Google is apparently already testing Android 2.1. Android fanboy site AndroidAndMe has reported that its analytics show 23 visits from Android 2.1 devices visits over the past few weeks. (AndroidAndMe’s analytics graph, below.)


The new Android version, which may go by the nickname Flan, will face stiff competition from the forthcoming iPhone OS 3.2, which some have speculated will include deeper push integration, Google Voice or Latitude support, 720p video out, and mobile iChat. It will also go up against Blackberry’s new Storm 2 touch OS, the interface of which is said to be greatly improved since RIM ditched the “clickable” screen of the original Storm.

Google’s last Android update, dubbed Donut, added universal search, multi-touch gestures, text-to-speech, and navigation, and it premiered with the Motorola Droid.CD