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Teaming up for Greatness

Most of us who’ve had any success in the business world have built many kinds of teams along the way. If you’re on your way to real success, you already know that having a team is HUGE in your recipe for wealth and business building. Whether we’re talking about a personal support team to get you through tough days, or your professional team of writers, marketers, customer care, etc., etc., there’s just no way to go it alone, achieve success, and ENJOY your life.

What happens when you go it alone? Remember that episode from I Love Lucy when the trainmaster ran to change hats to give out information at the info booth, and then ran again to the ticket counter and switched hats to sell Lucy and Ethel their train tickets?  Well, multiply that by ten and then again by 24-hours a day and you begin to see what I’m talking about.

Today my team met for our weekly overview call. That’s where every member comes in to hear about every project. Nobody gets a holiday just because they may not be part of a particular assignment or event. Why do we do that? Well for one thing, I have a team that is exceptionally talented and really savvy. I can’t even count the number of times that someone offers up some unexpected expertise that changes the whole scheme of a project or event. Or the number of times someone jumps in and says, "Hey, let me help you with that."

That’s exactly what happened today. One of my VA’s jumped in and took ownership of project management. And then another teammate offered to provide client support for my shopping cart. Three different, unexpected observations were made on an upcoming event, and altogether, everyone left feeling supported and excited about what’s coming down the pike for Mighty Ventures. What didn’t happen was overt criticism and statements like, "Not my job."  Why? Because from the top down, we don’t work that way – we are accountable without being blamed, shamed or making excuses.

So this week, I’ll be posting some great pieces on how to build that kind of team. Something we ALL need to create massive success. And hey, if you’re shooting for success, why NOT make it massive? Small success just means you’ll be treading water a lot of the time (and drowning some of it). Having a plan that moves forward is MUCH more rewarding, believe me.

Christine Comaford, CEO Freedom Fighter
NY Times Best Selling Author
CEO of Mighty Ventures