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Layar Gets Fresh Funding, Promises Multiple Realities

Layar, the augmented reality app that lets you see where stimulus money is being spent, among other things, has just gotten a fresh $1 million cash infusion from European investors.

The Dutch company, which makes iPhone and Android apps that overlay data on a live camera image, is also expanding to the Symbian OS, according to VentureBeat. Nokia, which owns Symbian, is in the midst of figuring out its own augmented reality strategy.


Layar will likely spend the money building out the system that third-parties will use to serve content inside its apps. Layar is only as useful as the data you can see on it, so its critical that they make it easy for businesses, brands, and content providers to create the "layers" of information that users can choose to view.

Right now, layers can't cross. So if you're inside a subway layer, you won't see flags from a real estate layer, for example. That puts the onus on layer-makers to serve a lot of content as a way of ensuring that users find their layer useful. The result? Crowded layers with superfluous junk. Layar says it's adding layar-crossing in future versions, which should take the heat off individual providers to make their layer a one-man show.