HashCeratops Makes Twitter’s Search Relevant for Local Biz

Twitter is great for tracking trending topics, but not so hot for trending places. A new service attempts to change all that by creating standardized #hashtags for businesses, bars, and restaurants.


HashCeratops, as the service is called, is a group effort by a few Web upstarts that aims to standardize how we talk about local joints on Twitter. According to TechCrunch, Buzzd is the ringleader, but other partners include Geodelic, Coovents, Xtreme Labs, Yipit and SocialGreat. The effort will be crowdsourced; you can submit your formal request for a location hashtag here.

Nihal Mehta, co-founder and CEO of Buzzd, told the point is to make Twitter a more useful local tool. “For Twitter users, information about specific venues would be more easily searchable,” he says. “For example, if I want to search tweets from the bar Jack, if I search ‘Jack’ it gives me a lot of noise. Hashceratops would suggest searching for ‘#barjack’ for example to return actual tweets about the venue and not the person.”

Twitter is in the process of getting its geolocation API fully functional, so HashCeratops may yet evolve once it becomes clear how people are using geolocation in their tweets. Still, for small business owners who are looking to keep track of (or generate) buzz, HashCeratops will be the second boon in as many months; just last month, Foursquare announced a local advertising program for bars and restaurants.CD