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Droid: Almost Not Worth Writing About

Droid by Motorola

If you're curious about Verizon's new Droid, don't be. Don't even read this post. Just go hibernate, and dream that by spring Verizon will have a better Android option.

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It's not that the Droid is a bad phone; it's fine. It just has a slower chip than the Samsung Moment, a clunkier body than the Palm Pre, a more basic UI than HTC's Hero, and... a puzzling alarm-clock stand. The Moment's speed, the Pre's slick design, and the Hero's UI are the only things that put those things on par with Apple's iPhone. The Droid has nothing those phones don't, except of course for this commercial. Which is cool, if you like commercials, but less important if you like smartphones that do stuff well.

There are a couple of cool things; the 3.7-inch screen with 400,000 pixels is huge, it has Android 2.0 before anyone else and also a 5MP camera. If you're a locked-in Verizon customer, this thing isn't half bad. But in the world of smartphones, it's another Android device that doesn't advance the platform. I can't believe I've even found three paragraphs to write about it.