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I've made so many job applications since March 7 I finally started listing "job applicant" as my current job. I've heard the dumbest collection of excuses for not hiring me, & I get no unemployment & I don't want welfare! Excuses include: you know too much; you have too much experience; you were in business, we can't hire you; you have a limp. Lessee - the Army advertises "be all you can be". Hm. Must be just a slogan, not real encouragement.. After over 30 years of work, I should have lots of experience! I do - at a high level, too. I've never been a slacker. I wanted to retire & just work a job, but apparently it's not an option, although I can't figure out how to get back in business, since I am currently down to less than $50 total money.. & temp services aren't doing anything either.  As for the limp - who's hiring gymnasts these days, anyway? (Not to mention, it's illegal to focus on the limp.. but this is ND - land of bigotry of every kind & accompanying denial lockstep..) 0 You know why we bang our heads on walls?  Because it feels so0o good when we quit! 0 That's my rant for the day.. Thanks for listening.

 Your thoughts are still welcome.  Anyone interested in beautiful custom handmade moose or buffalo leather mocassins, let me know. 0