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NASA Rides the Moon-Bomb Wave and Releases an iPhone App

We were all pretty tired of NASA and its endless shuttle missions—until, of course, it bombed the moon. Now the agency is capitalizing on that good PR with a new iPhone app, perhaps hoping that some more public interest will help it limp into more funding.

NASA app

The app gives iPhoners all the latest dirt on current and future NASA missions, and also shows off images, countdown clocks, online videos, and the agency's multifarious Twitter feeds. If you're curious, the app will also tell you where the International Space Station is over Earth, and uses the iPhone's MapKit framework to show NASA's satellites over detailed maps of the world.

NASA app

Since the iTunes Store has almost nothing in the way of SEO, you'll have to search "NASA for iPhone" in the App Store (just "nasa" won't cut it.) Or click here.

[Via CNET]