Terracycle Upcycles Frito-Lay Bags Into Speakers

frito-lay speakers

We’re big fans of Terracycle–the upcycling company that made used junk food wrappers cool–and continue keep tabs on the New Jersey-based company as expands it reach, first into the international market, and now into electronics.

Terracycle started out making plant food from worm waste products. In the past several years, the company has started to upcycle waste packaging from the likes of Mars Inc., Wrigley’s, and Frito-Lay into all sorts of products, including pencil cases made from cookie wrappers, backpacks made from drink pouches, and kites made out of Oreo packaging. But Terracycle’s newest product–portable, foldable speakers made from Frito-Lay wrappers–might be its most impressive yet.

Frito-Lay speakers

The speakers, designed as part of a partnership with consumer electronics company Merkury Innovations, are battery-free and can plug into any device that has a 3.5mm universal plug. No word on the quality of the speakers’ sound, but judging by the $19.99 price tag, they probably won’t win any awards for clarity. Still, the speakers mark Terracycle’s entrance into a market beyond school supplies, backpacks, and garden accessories. Next up: iPod cases?

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