D-Build Documents the History Behind Reclaimed Home Materials


Want to buy floorboards that come with a rich history? Turn to D-Build, an online marketplace for reclaimed home materials. The prototype site, designed by Rob Englert and Grant Meacham, will sell material from dismantled homes and document the material’s history, all in an attempt to prove that building deconstruction can add up to more than a pile of junk.

D-Build will meticulously catalog a house’s dimensions and historical information as it’s dismantled. The information will be uploaded to a database, and the home will also be scanned into D-Build’s system in case a blueprint isn’t already available. So when potential buyers of, say, reclaimed lumber check the D-Build site, they can find out that the material came from a 1300-square-foot home built by German immigrants in 1918.

Englert and Meacham don’t have a comprehensive database of homes yet, but the pair has been given permission by the city of Syracuse, New York, to document the deconstruction and tag materials from five houses on the city’s west side. D-Build’s blog will feature pictures of the homes as deconstruction progresses.

[Via Core77]AS