Is Your Neighborhood Blustery Enough for a Wind Turbine? There’s an App for That.

Wind Speed and Wind Meter app

Apps are increasingly targeting homeowners who use green technologies–there’s an app to monitor the performance of your rooftop solar panels and the Wind Speed and Wind Meter apps use the iPhone’s built-in microphone to capture the sound of the wind (say, around your house) in order to get a wind speed rating. But a new app by turbine manufacturer Mariah Power, developed in conjunction with digital design company Create with Context, does more.

iphone app

While Mariah’s app also captures the sound of the wind–and then filters out ambient noise and spits out a wind speed rating–it one-ups the others by letting users create and share wind speed maps. Eventually, Mariah
plans to build a geo-coded database of crowdsourced wind maps so users
can find out if their town or city is wind power-ready.

When compared to readings of a wind speed-measuring anemometer, the app is accurate within 1.5 mph–but even that is a useful estimate for homeowners considering a rooftop turbine.

And naturally, if you buy that turbine after downloading the free app, Mariah hopes it will be their own small, low-speed Windspire turbine.AS