Infographic of the Day: Yankees vs. Phillies as They (Probably) Face Off in the World Series

Yankees rankings

If the Yankees win to tonight, they’ll bag the American League Pennant, and head to the World Series, where they’ll face the Philadelphia Phillies, with game 1 next Wednesday. You can expect a brain-deadening amount of analysis–all of which is probably going to boil down to these two handy graphics.

In short, the Yankees are pretty damn good, at least by the numbers. The Phillies are exceptional, but a lot less gobsmackingly talented.

Visual Baseball collected stats that illustrate the five canonical measures of baseball talent–batting average, batting power, speed, pitching, and defense–and graphed the results for both the Yankees and the Phillies. The results manage to neatly sum up just how insanely talented the high-priced Yankees roster is. But given that the Yankee’s payroll is nearly double that of the Phillies, the latter is an incredibly strong team:

phillies rankings

It’s funny to note that the Phillies are fast and relatively underpaid, while the Yankees are slow and extremely overpaid. (Does George Steinbrenner have a penchant for awarding old players massive contracts?)

Not that this means the Yankees are a lock in the series.

For more graphics just like this one, check out Visual Baseball.

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