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Back on Track

Last night I shared with my story guide Annie Hart that I needed us to have a structured call today.  Since our call last week I was beginning to feel a bit desperate and depressed, like we had fallen off track.  Thankfully, because I am a story guide myself, I was able to pin point quickly that and ask Annie for structure. A few weeks ago, Annie and I had created a blue print for some of the book and had yet to dive into the detailed stories in that model we had created.  So today, we did just that and the call felt incredibly successful again.  There are times to be philosophical and big picture and then there are times to dive into the trenches and do the work.  Today we bunkered down and did the work and that felt great.
I am at an advantage in that I could express what I was feeling and help my story guide to change direction with me. most of my clients do not have the ability to define what they are feeling and suggest a solution.  Annie pointed that out to me on today’s call and that rung immediately true with me.  I cannot emphasize enough how going through this process myself is teaching me what I put my clients through and helping me see weak spots in my past process.
Annie and Katie working together with me, I feel like we are defining a new process we can use with future clients that will yield outstanding results.  Could I ask for more?