Dell’s Android-Packed Streak Smartbook Leaked

Dell’s Android smartphone may soon be en route to the U.S., but some new leaked info shows it’ll be accompanied by a strange mobile Internet device/smartphone hybrid: The Streak. Is this actually Dell’s smartbook?

dell streak

The Streak seems to be a 5-inch display WVGA device, running Android 2.0, and coming with Wi-fi, Bluetooth and 3G WWAN connectivity. It’s got a 5-megapixel camera on the rear, with twin LED lights as a flash source, microSD for expansion and a 1,300 mAh battery (some 13% bigger than the iPhone’s power source). There’s also a front-facing Web cam for video VoIP.

We know it has a dock connector on the base, and very few physical controls, with most user interaction coming through the 800-by-400-pixel touchscreen. It also looks like one of the leaked prototype devices has a “U.S.” label on it, meaning it may be configured for U.S. 3G tech like CDMA.

The Streak’s also smaller than the Chinese Android-powered device we’ve shown you before, and yet it’s significantly bigger than the iPod touch. It’s definitely slotting into the smartbook category–which could be taken as a pretty strange move by Dell. Until now if you thought of a Dell handheld, you probably had an image of the old Axim PDAs–not bad devices by any means, but certainly not cutting edge. Maybe Dell figures we’re all fed up of netbooks, and the public is ready for a new class of device … but it’s worried its Android smartphone can’t steal a big share of Apple’s game? Or maybe Dell’s just trying to mop up on all the portable Internet enthusiasm that’ll be stirred up by Tablet PCs like the CrunchPad or Apple’s fabled iTablet.

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