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Brand Spotlight: Hulu

Beyond a product, a brand is important for establishing a company’s image in the eyes of its customers. On the Internet, it’s even harder for a Web-only brand to establish itself, considering the hundreds, if not thousands, of other sites ready to take its place. In order to get the attention of users, offering a unique product is key, while putting a solid brand and image behind it. Hulu, a relatively new video-viewing site, is changing the way people watch television. Launched in 2007 to a small set of private beta users, the site has experienced massive growth and a boost in market share in only two short years.It was started as a joint venture by NBC Universal, Fox Newscorp, and ABC Inc. Its popularity has spread like wildfire, delivering product that is hard to compete with – because it’s one of the only few sites that delivers rich. accessible content. Hulu has not gone unnoticed by our friends Creo the Creative, Ana the analyst, and Connie the Consumer, who we’ve gathered together for another brand spotlight. The innovative branding efforts and unique business model instituted by Hulu have caught the attention of Creo, while Ana is impressed by the site’s growth and rankings within the Web community. An avid TV viewer, Connie likes Hulu because it is a convenient and simple medium, which is often hard to find on competitor sites. Hulu listened to what people want, and has delivered beyond expectations. Creo the Creative: When I first saw the TV advertisements by Hulu, I have to admit I was skeptical. In these commercials, actors are representatives of Hulu, describing how Hulu is a plot to take over the world and turn our brains to mush. After using the site and seeing more of the commercials, though, I’m actually impressed, and very amused. I like that the company can poke fun at itself and respond to criticism in a subtle way. People who may have never heard of Hulu before seeing a commercial will certainly be intrigued by what they’ve seen – a brilliant advertising tactic, if you ask me. Ana the Analyst: The numbers speak for themselves, Creo. This past July, Hulu viewership surpassed that of Time Warner Cable, one of the most popular cable providers in the United States.Fast Company reports that 38 million viewers watched at least one video on Hulu in July, while 34 million went watched their TV. I’m still baffled by the growth they’ve experienced, but I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. They deliver rich content at no cost to the user, something we’ve all been...

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