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I walked away from Dan Shawbel's Personal Branding Summit in Boston thinking "I'm going to give this a try." Now I haven't bought Dan's Me 2.0 book yet but I've been reading his blog and trying to incorporate some of his personal branding ideas. 

So I began by searching for my name in Google. Dan Ouellette, first page...nothing. Second page...nothing, and finally third page...nothing. Well, not 100% true, their were plenty of Dan Ouellette's, just not me. So, I started by mirroring some of the techniques someone in a similar professional space as I am in used. I started with what I felt were "trusted" sites in Google's eyes - Linkedin, Foliomag, FastCompany, etc... I then became active in each of these sites, writing blog posts, adding feeds, becoming part of groups of similar minded people. After about 2 months guess what. 

It worked. 

I guess I shouldn't be surprised since I do this for a living but it is nice to see my name on page 1 of Google among a pretty competitive set of other Dan's. 

I guess it's time to try for a top 3 position. I guess I'm "almost famous" ;-)