• 10.20.09

Adventures in Personal Branding

An exercise in building my personal brand from zero

I walked away from Dan Shawbel’s Personal Branding Summit in Boston thinking “I’m going to give this a try.” Now I haven’t bought Dan’s Me 2.0 book yet but I’ve been reading his blog and trying to incorporate some of his personal branding ideas. 


So I began by searching for my name in Google. Dan Ouellette, first page…nothing. Second page…nothing, and finally third page…nothing. Well, not 100% true, their were plenty of Dan Ouellette’s, just not me. So, I started by mirroring some of the techniques someone in a similar professional space as I am in used. I started with what I felt were “trusted” sites in Google’s eyes – Linkedin, Foliomag, FastCompany, etc… I then became active in each of these sites, writing blog posts, adding feeds, becoming part of groups of similar minded people. After about 2 months guess what. 

It worked. 

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised since I do this for a living but it is nice to see my name on page 1 of Google among a pretty competitive set of other Dan’s. 

I guess it’s time to try for a top 3 position. I guess I’m “almost famous” 😉

About the author

Dan Ouellette is a Search Industry professional sharing news and opinions about Search and how it affects our everyday lives. Dan is the Director of SEO Operations at Catalyst Search Marketing (a GroupM company) in Greater Boston, a Search Agency specializing in organic and paid search for Fortune 1000 companies.