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Claim Your Name on Reddit, Odeo, Twitter and 338 Other Networks at Once with KnowEm

If you don't want to run around creating profiles on every social network on the Web, there's a shortcut to maintaining a unified online identity. It's called KnowEm, and it lets you register your name (or brand) across a litany of sites automatically.


Other services have been able to survey your name's use on the Web, but not until now can you actually actively sign up for things en masse. The service, which launched Tuesday, works with 330 social networks, but it ain't free.


For brand managers, there are corporate packages that set you up a brand presence across 150 top networks, and all the work is hand-done by staffers on the East Coast, so there aren't any automated blips. That package will run your company $350. For individuals, you pay $100 for a similar service. (For individual accounts, you'll need to fill in biographical details yourself; the corporate edition does this for you, based on pre-determined info you submit to KnowEm.)

Enterprise accounts run $649, and create an ID and company information on 300 social sites.

If you've used the service today, let us know in the comments.

[Via Mashable]