SVPPLY: High-Style Shopping, Curated by the Crowd


There’s a mass of design junk out there–and if you’re a design junky, consider how much time you spend just sifting through it, looking for the perfect chair/shoes/alarm clock. And guess what? Thousands of people just like you are doing the same thing. But all that work’s lost, because none of it’s shared.

And that’s where SVPPLY comes in: The new site allows a select group of tastemakers to post online wishlists. To keep the quality up, you’ve got to be invited to join. But luckily, everyone can browse the goods.

Each piece has a link out, directing you to where you can buy the piece on hand; the catalogue is searchable by price, gender and genre–from home to tech.

As Josh Spear points out, SVPPLY works essentially the same as FFFFOUND, a visual resource that’s drawn a huge following among designers, looking for inspiration.

Applying that to shopping? Pretty brilliant. Granted, it’s still early days, and there aren’t yet more than a handful of users. But give it a bit of time.

[Via Josh Spear]CK