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New Loopt App Helps You With Random Hookups ... Now

The iPhone has been a dating tool for a while, but Loopt's putting their technology to more... immediate uses with a new app called Loopt Mix. Warning: Finding love the Loopt way may involves waking at 7 a.m. in a strange bed, pulling on last night's clothes and taking the proverbial walk of shame.


Mix is a spin-off of a feature included in the original Loopt app that lets you see the profiles of people around you and gin up instant-message conversations. The app lets you choose what you're "interested in" from other Mixers, be it dating, networking, friendship, or "anything," the latter option reminiscent of Facebook's "anything I can get" relationship status. There are even push notifications built-in, so you know the moment that someone nearby wants to be your "anything."


Loopt Mix isn't quite as salacious as purpose-built sex-chat apps like theXchange, which allows you to trade (presumably gross) naked pictures with other users as you chat with them. But the push notifications add a sense of urgency not otherwise found in apps like's. The app is free in the iTunes Store and available now.