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It looks like the gap, the divide is getting bigger instead of getting smaller. Which gap? Well, between on one hand the Corporate leaders and managers who are not open to change, who continue to do business as they have done for many years now and on the other hand mostly the consultants, bloggers and entrepreneurs who know that the 21st century requires a new way of doing business. So, what is needed are bridge builders. People who can bridge the gap and thus connect the merits of both approaches. What is needed to be a great bridge builder? -Focus on the strengths of both ways of doing business -Communicate in a simple and clear way -Explain the respective benefits -Listen open minded -Speak both ‘languages’ -Look for the commonalities instead of for the differences -Help to build new cultures and behaviors -Be the examples Bridge builders are not a nice to have, they are urgently needed to close the gap in the Corporate world. Are you volunteering to be a bridge builder? ————————————————————————————————————————- GROW YOUR PEOPLE, GROW YOUR BUSINESS! Follow me on Twitter: