Best of TreeHugger: Congress Funds 3-Wheelers, a Pedal-Powered Laptop Debuts, and Sen. Graham Takes the Climate Plunge

Congress approved Dept. of Energy funding for three-wheeled vehicles–meaning slick, super efficient vehicles like the Aptera could be on the roads within years.


Other big news from the hill concerned a certain influential GOP senator pledging to work for a bipartisan climate bill. Unsurprisingly, the response from certain vocal conservatives wasn’t pretty.

This pedal powered laptop was designed to help kids in 3rd world countries use computers when they’re without access to power. 40% of consumers prefer green cell phones–too bad they can’t find them. The pioneering ‘Tres Amigas’ superstation could connect all 3 major US electrical grids.

California moved closer to banning power-sucking big screen TVs–the final vote is scheduled for November. Also in California, Los Angeles approved citywide waterless urinals.

The Chamber of Commerce was the victim of an elaborate Yes Men hoax, which suckered Reuters, the Washington Post, and others into believing the ungreen org was coming out in support of climate action.

Green jobs got a PR boost when this recent study revealed that on average, they pay equal to, or better all them non-green jobs.

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