One Exceptional Product Isn’t Enough

It’s easy to get comfortable once you come up with an exceptional product. It’s easy to take that product—and the process that created it—and keep duplicating it, making small changes every so often to keep it “new” and “relevant” while pretty much leaving innovation at the door. “Why reinvent the wheel?” you might ask. Or, “If it’s not broken, why fix it?” Both of these rhetorical questions are, of course, clichés—what people fall back on when they’re too lazy to come up with original ideas. That laziness is also exactly what the questions represent.

To provide a product that is truly inspiring, you have to be creative. Ask your client or buyer what was most and least valuable to them. Think about how to use that information to improve your processes. Then take your own creativity and look away for second. Cast your gaze to nearby avenues that you haven’t explored before.

For example, we’ve recently taken several elements we excel at and combined them to generate a new creative product: comic books. We know how to work with clients to find the heart of a story and put it into words, and we have an incredibly talented design team that knows how to use images to create an emotional response in a viewer. When we put these elements together, we realized that there was a whole market we weren’t tapping into. As a result, we’re working on several exciting new projects—and learning something new about storytelling in the process.

Take an objective look at what you do best; what do you bring to the table that is unique and exceptional in quality? Then break out of cliché-mode and use creativity to generate a product that will make you stand even further out of the crowd.CMB