Change is Personal

Change is personal, no ifs and or buts.

When organizations inform staff about massive change, transition, cut backs, re-engineering or whatever label they place on it with the assurance that “It’s not personal” that they have to change how their organization operates to work within the current economic climate, keep up with competitors etc, and it’s not about them, the take away is “It’s about me.  It’s all about me.”  It’s about how I work, the tension factor, the fear factor about “being next to get the axe” and their relevance in the organization, to mention a few of many points.

The organization is right by another definition when they say “It’s not personal”.  Way too often leadership treats its people in an impersonal way, not taking into account the emotional energy that staff bring to the table, how loyal they are, committed, and how overall they come from a place of wanting to do great work and succeed. 

People change for their own reasons not yours.  If they don’t see meaning in what’s happening they will fight it tooth and nail.  Some believe it’s great to look at everything horrible that can happen, acknowledge it, embrace it and make sure you create a way forward that can bypass it.  Some believe they should start from scratch, co-creating change so everyone creates meaning within the context of the change.

Change will always be a constant.  For organizations to succeed and grow its people, the best thing they can do is continually reinvent whether it’s radical creation or tweaking along the way.  But remember, it’s all about people, relationships, trust and respect. 

It is personal!

Donna Karlin Certified Executive Leadership Coach DK