Infographic of the Day: Watch the World Wake Up, on Twitter

Twitter is a coming goldmine for data visualization, given all the data it provides. The projects we’ve seen are still early stage, but Jer Thorp‘s been one of the best early experimenters. His new project, “Good Morning!” is a visualization of 24 hours of Tweets saying, of course, “Good Morning,” from all across the world. Each of the tweets has been color-coded by time–green tweets are early morning, local time; orange occurs somewhere around 9am; red tweets are late morning; and black represents Tweets that are “out of time,” meaning that they don’t correspond with actual morning hours.

This isn’t the first time that Thorp has used Twitter to visualize social movements. Recently, he became intrigued with the idea of H1N1 spreading worldwide, due to airplane travel. So he created an ingenious hack of Twitter, to map global flight traffic. First, he found every Tweet in a 36-hour period saying “Just landed.” Then, he mapped the user’s self-reported home location against the city from which the tweet was posted. Voila: Global flight traffic:

Of course, as Data Visualization points out, Twitter visualization is about to get a quantum leap in richness and usefulness: Soon, Twitter will start including geolocation data. After that, you can expect to see an avalanche of new applications of the service in data visualization and beyond.

For more information on Good Morning!, check out Thorp’s blog.