All Coat-Checks Should be This Cool


Per capita, the Dutch are probably the best designers in the world; when they pick the best-designed project of the year, the results are bound to be interesting.

This year, the Dutch Design Awards Golden Lion goes to Wieki Somers, for turning the coat-check at Rotterdam’s Museum Boijmans van Beuningen into a full-on art installation, reminscent of a merry-go-round.

The coat rack, which was produced by Haunting Dogs Full of Grace–basically a super-group of Dutch Designers–works a lot like the hanging systems found in coal mines: Red and white ropes, loaded with coat hangers, dangle from a pulley system; visitors can then hang their coats, and also arrange them vertically. Thus, coats, jackets, and purses, which might otherwise be hidden away, become part of a kinetic, ready-made piece of art.

If you like that, you’d probably love Somers’s other work: She’s known for whimsical, high-concept pieces such as chairs cast from ad-hoc pieces she found in Beijing’s back alleys and a bathtub shaped like a sailboat.

Dutch Design Awards has a full list of winners in the various sub categories.

[Via Otto Otto and Design Boom, which have more pics]CK