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Verizon Getting Some Motorola Droid, and iPhone Action?

An iPhone-trashing video that promotes Motorola's Droid phone has surfaced on the Web, and it teases with a few details about the device. But as more Droid data pops up, there's another surprising rumor: Verizon's testing a CDMA iPhone.

Motorola droid

Check out Motorola's promotional video below—it pulls no punches and directly suggests it's better than Apple's smartphone.

Now you may take issue with some of those supposed plus points (on-screen keyboards seem to work perfectly well for millions of iPhone users, and other Android phones that have them too, and removable batteries aren't proving much of an issue) but the 5-megapixel cam is a boon, as is low-light shooting.

BoyGeniusReport has managed to get its paws on a prototype droid, and it seems Motorola's really got some serious hardware on its hands. The phone's running a TI Omap3430 processor, making it "the fastest Android" phone they've seen. It's also skinny but has a full QWERTY slide-out, and there's a companion charger/stand that lets the phone act as an alarm clock, weather station, and so on. According to BGR, Google was very directly involved with the development of the device, "almost dictating every move Motorola made when designing and making" it.

That tallies with a report over at FoneFrenzy, which suggests that Verizon's CEO Lowell McAdam had been flying to and from Google's Mountain View HQ every two weeks or so during recent months—clearly there's been some very high level collaboration going on there.

But according to FoneFrenzy's sources, McAdam was also paying visits to Apple recently. And it wasn't just for kicks—Verizon's actually been testing out a CDMA-friendly version of Apple's iPhone. If it's true, this is pretty amazing news on several fronts. Firstly it suggests that AT&T's poor technical and customer services performance has dipped low enough that Apple's going to break the network's exclusive grip on the iPhone in the U.S. Since U.S. cell-phone users seem so very polarized by their choice of network, this is also big news for Apple—it'll bring millions more subscribers to the iPhone fold.

With suggestions that both the iPhone and what could be the best Android phone yet are coming to Verizon—a company that seems to see no shame in playing the two high-stakes competitors off against each other—it looks like the year may end on a very sour note for Sprint and AT&T.

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