Spike Jonze’s Newest Project: Resuscitating Kanye’s Withered Public Image

The last time we heard from Kanye West, he was soulfully apologizing for hijacking Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech at the MTV video music awards.

Meanwhile, Spike Jonze is fresh off a brilliant weekend for Where the Wild Things Are, the children’s book that he (with Dave Eggers) improbably turned into a movie for hipsters.

kanye west and spike jonze

And now, the two have joined up in a (NSFW) short film, which makes a certain sense: Jonze is good at pulling off the improbable (Malkovich much?). Kanye is facing long odds, in his attempt to be seen as anything more than, in the words of President Barack Obama, a “jackass.”

The movie they made has Kanye playing a self-absorbed, egomaniac rapper embarrassing himself at a party. It ultimately concludes with Kanye excising his demons–by literally cutting out a little felt monster from his gut. (Watch the beginning of the film, and then fast forward to the last minutes. You get the gist.)

Which honestly sound pretty typical for Kanye: See it wasn’t my fault, man! It was the twee monster inside of me! Try again.

[Update, someone’s been yanking the full movie off of Vimeo, but most of it is on YouTube.]