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There is a guiding philosophy that human capital can be an organization’s most important asset. In sports, managers are counted on to provide leadership in managing the team. From Joe Torre to Vince Lombardi, several standout managers have been able to deliver consistently great performance. Similarly, star performers are game changers on the field. In the business world, we all know about Steve Jobs and his track record with Apple. We recently worked with a client with a client to transform a 60 person department. Change started from the top through the selection of a new executive lead. From there, we had a mandate to redefine the group’s purpose, reprioritize their efforts, and inject new skills and talents. We share some tips on how to transform an organization through the hiring of top talent. 1. Purpose. If you want to build a great organization, your people will need a purpose. Gain input from key stakeholders to help define the role and identify skillset needs. Also look at your competitors to see the types of talent that they are recruiting. With a clear purpose, you’ll know the type of talent that you are looking for. 2. Investment of Time. Many of us have immediate needs and it is tempting to select the first decent candidate. While an extra few weeks today might seem like a waste of time, it’s well worth it to get significantly better performance over the next 3 to 5 years. Think of the first few interviews as setting the standard for evaluation. Then keep going until you find one or several outstanding candidates. That might mean going through 100 resumes and 20 interviews. It’s well worth the time. 3. Second Opinion. All of us have blind spots, so you should always have multiple people interview the finalists. That doesn’t mean that they need to meet 20...

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