The Perils of Being Closed Minded During Brainstorming Sessions

I was exposed to a bout of close mindedness this past week. No, not me…a colleague of mine. As search professionals we are sometimes tasked with coming up with ideas for campaigns that will help the client reach their goals online. 

During our brainstorming session it was evident that the ideas I was suggesting was just plain silly to my colleague. Unfortunately, I was the only contributor so the brainstorming session was a big one-sided. We broke and my colleague went on her way. Now let me say that I’ve been in many brainstorming sessions and all usually went very well for one main reason; all ideas were invited no matter how silly, outrageous, implausible, or whatever. Of course most of these ideas were thrown out the window but some lead to real strategies or solutions to problems that may not have come to realization had it not been for those “crazy” ideas.

In my defense, my idea was legit. I’d use the same tactic in the past with success. It just so happened that my colleague had not heard of it and immediately dismissed it then went on to tell another colleague who then jumped on the bandwagon. 

Brainstorming sessions need to be a free flow of ideas that lead to real solutions or strategies. Don’t be too quick to dismiss ideas or you might just find yourself on the other end one day.DO