Ethical Halloween Candy: The 4 Most Sustainable Brands

endangered species


Want to teach the kids that show up at your door on Halloween a lesson about sustainability? Greenopia recently rated 10 of the top candy manufacturers using a number of factors, including ingredient sourcing, transparency, transportation methods, and product packaging. Each of the usual suspects–Jelly Belly, Mars, Nestle, Hershey’s, Pez, and Godiva–received an embarrassing zero out of four leaves on the Greenopia scale. But the four companies below received kudos for their efforts in greening the candy business. Granted, you may not want to dish out $3 bars of Halloween candy (we’re looking at you, Endangered Species Chocolate). But at least these brands provide an alternative to companies with poor environmental reporting and suspiciously sourced candy.

1. Endangered Species Chocolate

The animal-themed packaging certainly makes this chocolate look green enough–and as it turns out, it is. Greenopia gave Endangered Species Chocolate four leaves for organic and ethically-grown chocolate, good environmental reporting, water-based ink on packaging, and a production process that takes place in a LEED-certified building.

2. Theo

Another four-leaf brand, Theo’s products are all organic and fair trade certified. The brand also makes sure to source local ingredients and use renewable energy whenever possible. One criticism from Greenopia: a lack of transparency in the company’s supply chain.

3. Yummy Earth

Yummy Earth uses local and organic ingredients and is relatively transparent about its supply chain. The four-leaf brand doesn’t, however, use any recycled materials in its packaging.

4. Cadbury

This popular manufacturer only received one leaf, but Greenopia gave it major kudos for its goals of sourcing 50% of its chocolate from sustainable sources by 2010 and cutting its climate impact by 50% by 2020. In the future, Cadbury might consider adding organic products and renewable energy sources in production.

[Via Greenopia]