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Sir Groovy Offers Fast-Track Music Licensing for TV and Movie Producers

Sir Groovy, a just-launched iTunes-like music store, lets TV and movie producers browse a library of pre-approved songs they can license and use in their media. Instead of first choosing a song and then securing a license to use it, producers can now fast-track the process with considerably less cost by browsing the library's pre-approved songs. The site has been in R&D for several years, according to Variety.

Sir Groovy

Naturally, there's a catch. Sir Groovy isn't the first outlet to conceive of a library of license-ready media—stock image companies like Getty have been doing it for years. And as anyone who's used Getty can attest, there's always the chance that the photo (or song) you pick ends up being featured in a competing product, and that consumers catch on to the fact that it's pre-selected. It's equivalent to showing up at the prom and seeing someone else mirroring your outfit: embarrassing.

Still, for upstart or pilot projects that don't have the budget or the time for a drawn out licensing courtship, it could be a boon. Learn more about opening a Sir Groovy account here.