‘Glo’ Digital Bible Answers: What Would Jesus Click?

Glo, a new bible on DVD-rom, aims to make the Bible feel a lot more relevant, with scads of multimedia.



Call it Bible 2.0: Glo, a “Bible for a digital world,” goes on sale today for $90. Function-wise, it’s analogous to DVD-based digital encyclopedias. The NIV text is linked with more than 500 360-degree panoramas of holy sites, 7,500 encyclopedia
articles, 2,400 photos, 700 pieces of art, and 3.5
hours of HD video.

Created by Nelson Saba, a former VP of tech at Citibank, and Phil Chen,
whose family owns HTC, Glo is intended to keep the Bible relevant in
an age where reading books is becoming almost anachronistic. As the
video trailer says, “Instead of just reading the bible, you see it. You
feel it. You get it.”


As Newsweek points out,
the content of Glo is steadfastly uncontroversial. For example, it doesn’t take a
stance on homosexuality or evolution. A transformation like this was inevitable–and it’s surprising that it took this long, given that even the kookiest adaptations of the Bible have become commonplace (they can look like everything from an issue of Glamour to Akira).


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