• 10.15.09

What Are the Odds…That You’ll Be Eaten By a Shark?

Book of Odds is devoted to all manner of odds. Chance a kid grows up to be a fashion model? 1 in 81,440. That you’ll be eaten by a shark? 1 in 251,800,000.

Book of Odds

As media start-ups go, the Book of Odds is pretty improbable: The site is dedicated all manner of weird/common/scary occurrences, and the odds that they’ll happen to you. That’s it.


Most of these stats are written up in a range of articles. For example, if you were born today, what are the odds of pursuing a given career? 1 in 9,684 will become pro athletes. That’s about four times less likely than becoming a surgeon. But 1 in 9.43 will be in sales.

The site really hits its stride when it comes to death. For example, you’re about twice as likely to get killed by a vending machine as you are by a shark.

Other quirks abound. Virginia, apparently, has the highest incidence of vanity plates, at about 1 in 6.18. Texas has the least, at 1 in 178.3. (Does that mean Virginia is the vainest state in the nation? Probably not, since I’ll bet this has a lot to do with how easy it is to get a vanity plate.)

But perhaps the site’s most experimental feature is the Visual Browser, which it lets you stumble around a network of affiliated topics, looking for connections. Enjoy.

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