Windows-Backed Family Guy Adds to Unemployment Rolls

We’ll address the gigantic sell-out that is Family Guy Presents: Seth & Alex’s Almost Live Comedy Show (brought to you buy Windows 7) in a moment. But the more immediate news is that the Windows 7 party-people are going to have to feed their guests with government cheese. Peter Griffin has put them out of work.

Microsoft has paid what can only be a monstrous (yet undisclosed) amount of money to hire Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane to do it better. The result will be a special episode of Family Guy scheduled for November 8, which will feature Windows 7 product placement inside the cartoon–and may later come to embody the very moment that Family Guy, once beloved by stoners and Big Lebowski fans everywhere, sold out.

Nevermind FG‘s last mention of a Microsoft product, which must have made for an awkward moment in negotiations:

It’s not just that the show is becoming massively more popular than ever before, thanks to safer jokes and insipid story-lines. It’s not just that the Family Guy franchise has become nested in two lame copy-cats, The Cleveland Show and American Dad (“the watered-down setup now feels like a copy of a copy of a copy,” says USA Today of the Cleveland Show.) It’s that people used to watch Family Guy for bizarre two-minute chicken fights which crash through jargony corporate scenes, not for entire shows that endorse them. The Family Guy we once knew may be gone forever.