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It didn’t take long before it sputtered to a halt and started spewing smoke.


Well that didn’t take long. Just this morning, we took note of the many bizarre design and content features of the new And now the site is down–maybe because the list of its failures has been so long that the admins needed some breathing room. In fact, Marc Ambinder, The Atlantic‘s crackjack political reporter, has just posted a list of the “Top Ten Reasons Why the Relaunch is Fizzlin.” Among them:

10. In a section devoted to “future leaders,” there were none.

9. In the subsequent rush to get up a “future leaders” page, they choose “you.”

8. The last GOP accomplishment cited on the accomplishment page was from 2004.

7. The what’s up page–hip! starts with this sentence: “”the Internet has been around for a while now”

6. Administrator passwords were accidentally posted.

5. When the RNC hosted a kick-off conference call, the Web site was down.

4. The website cites Jackie Robinson as a GOP hero. Robinson wasn’t a GOPer,
and he criticized the GOP on race. Robinson left the party because of
its views on race. He had been, as a reader points out, a Republican
for many years.

The first question on the conference call was from an Hispanic
Republican who asked why the GOP site didn’t have a Spanish-language
page and noted that the White House had one.

And so on.

Let’s just wait and see what changes when the site finally comes back up. Should be fun.


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