Best of TreeHugger: The 100 Best Green iPhone Apps, a Man Gets Fired Over Climate Change, and the Most Compact Bike Ever

What impact will Wal-Mart’s forthcoming Sustainability Index really have on American consumerism?


It was a daunting task but someone had to do it: TreeHugger assembled the 100 best iPhone apps for green shopping, eating, and travel.


A great new design has surfaced for the most compact urban folding bike ever (yup, that’s a bicycle up there). Even the wheels fold up. In other cycling news, a recent trend of bikers using trailers to move has opened up an intriguing new market.

California is the first state to charge polluters for their greenhouse gas emissions. Also in the Golden State, a poster project for the new renewable energy revolution–a 500 megawatt solar plant–has been bumped to make room for a national monument.

Bisphenol A, a chemical found in many aluminum and plastic products, is responsible for a slew of health risks–but is actually making women mean one of them?


For 60 million Americans, clotheslines are off-limits–due to absurd community association rules that claim they ‘erode property values.’ But thanks to new laws in many states, the clothesline is making a comeback

The world’s airlines have pledged to cut carbon emissions 50% by 2050.

Finally, can you get fired for believing in climate change? Because this guy was.

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